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Certified Farmers Market Fresh Pick of the Week for May 19th, 2009

Locally-grown (and first of the season) Peaches are this week’s Fresh Pick of the Week at all three Certified Farmers’ Market locations. Peaches are an American tradition, growing throughout the continental United States (except in tropical areas). They are perhaps best known for their association with the State of Georgia (Georgia Peaches), but today California and South Carolina join Georgia as the three largest peach producing states in the United States. Peaches are members of the Prunus genus of trees and shrubs – a genus which also includes plums, cherries, peaches, apricots and almonds. Peaches are popular fresh, frozen, cooked, spiced, pickled and/or canned.

Did you know:
Peaches originated in China and were brought West along the ancient Silk Road. They first became popular in the Middle East and the Mediterranean, before moving up into France, the United Kingdom and other parts of Northern Europe (where they were eventually taken by settlers into the New World). Peaches played an important role in ancient Chinese traditions as a food of the Gods. It was believed that Peaches were consumed by the immortals because of their ability to confer longevity on anyone who ate them. Similar traditions existed throughout Asia.

Price: $2.50 per pound and up, depending on the variety.

Also in Season, and available now at all locations: Apple Cider and apple jams, Mushrooms, Potatoes, Celery, Green Onions, FRESH and DRIED Herbs, Eggs, Dates, Almonds, Kiwis, Oranges, Pistachios, Grapefruit, Kale, Chard, Eggplant, Squash, Onions, Garlic, Apples, Shallots, Beets, Green Beans, Carrots, Tomatoes, Green Tomatoes, Peppers, Lettuces, Parsley, Mint, Broccoli, Cabbage, Spinach, Fava Beans, Radishes, Leeks, Brussels Sprouts, , Asparagus, Cherimoyas , organic raisins .. . . PLUS, incredible artisan breads, Gouda cheese, fresh raw honey, California olives/olive oil/vinegars, and a wide variety of exotic Orchids and flowers.

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