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Have you ever eaten a California Grown Mango ?? See you this Wednesday 10-13 !

BIG DAY this Wednesday 10-13-10 at the Palm Desert Market. Wong's Farm (check out this great article from 8/2009 about their Mangoes http://www.latimes.com/features/food/la-fow-market12-2009aug12,0,1929342.story) from the Salton Sea area has California Grown MANGOES, most likely enough for…


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We have started !! Looking forward to this new season

Hello everyone,

Lots of surprises to come in the near future at the markets. We appreciate everyone's ongoing support and know that you will love our new additions and changes. This will be our best season ever and it is the ongoing public support that keeps the markets in place as your resource for health, fresh produce, fun and a relaxed community experience here in our beautiful Coachella Valley.…


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Michael Pollan - a GOOD EGG with ANSWERS

Make sure and watch the video within this article please !

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Be a good EGG !

After today's FDA inspection of those egg-recall farms in Iowa, you can make a difference in your food purchasing.
This petition is a good start:http://action.fooddemocracynow.org/cms/sign/decoster_unsanitary_and_unsafe/

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Taken from John Robbins Post on Huffington Post:

From an animal welfare point of view, cage free eggs are far from perfect, but they are better. And from a public health perspective, cage-free eggs are a necessary and urgently needed improvement.

What can you do?

1) Take the HSUS "…


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A video that needs to re-surface again, and again and again.

It is up to YOU to shed light and turn your backs to the DARK side of the FARM.

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The Food Industry is just that - A productive enterprise that manufactures something...

Great Summer read....

Just finished reading, 'The End of Overeating' by David A Kessler MD. formerly a chairman with the FDA. Not a diet book. Check out this video.


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Gone Phishing – Concert invites Certified Farmers’ Market

into the Venue – better be the early bird.

Hello Lovers of good local, organic option, fresh produce!

This could be a first in the concert world, though I am not sure. I do know of the amazing strength and support of the Farm Aid Live tour supporting American farms…however, PHISH, the rock mixing/genre… Continue

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In the heat of the day - Lettuce be wise

Hello Everyone,

It is that famous time of year here in our beloved valley when the temperatures can creep up past 100 degrees just when we get used to maybe, well, 90 degrees. Speaking as a 3rd year veteran of Coachella Valley summers, I was quickly corrected by one of our farmers from Thermal who has lived here most of his life who said, " well, you really don't get used to it, you just accept it, learn to flow with it, and get indoors as much as possible."

So, let's all keep… Continue

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Farmers Markets - A New idea ? NOT SO FAST !!!!

Good Monday to everyone,

The Certified Farmers' Markets last week, which are on Wednesday in Palm Desert, Saturday in Palm Springs, and Sunday in Old Town La Quinta were well attended, fun, had great music and guest chefs. People were talking to their friends, enjoying a cup of organic coffee, and buying fresh produce, bread, oils, cheese, plants and flowers.

It seemed as natural as waking up or breathing. The Certified Farmers Markets have a truly inherent/organic feeling… Continue

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Welcome to the Certified Farmers' Markets - Our Mission

Hello Everyone,

My name is Paul Palodichuk and I am the manager of the three Certified Farmers' Markets (CFMs for short). This is the launch of our great, new interactive website, and my first of many blog posts.

Many people ask me about the purpose behind our markets and why these markets are so particular in their choices of vendors , with a definite leaning toward only farm and limited food based options. The best answer to these questions is found in our mission… Continue

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