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Hello Everyone,
My name is Paul Palodichuk and I am the manager of the three Certified Farmers' Markets (CFMs for short). This is the launch of our great, new interactive website, and my first of many blog posts.

Many people ask me about the purpose behind our markets and why these markets are so particular in their choices of vendors , with a definite leaning toward only farm and limited food based options. The best answer to these questions is found in our mission statement.

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Palm Springs Cultural Center’s Certified Farmers' Market is to serve as a community gathering place where local farmers and vendors can offer fresh agricultural and related products.
Our Goals:
1. Realize a ‘true’ Farmers Market with over 90% of vendors being certified farmers.
2. Pursue ongoing fresh produce that is from ‘certified organic’ farms. The goal being to have at least 50% of farmers/vendors ‘all organic’.
3. Improve the nutrition of the community by offering the highest quality seasonal and local as possible produce.
4. Assist area farmers and vendors with sustainable business opportunities.
5. Provide a vehicle to educate the community on the importance of nutrition, fresh produce and organic options to better health.
6. Develop a festive and cultural meeting place with fresh flowers, plants, music and local entertainment. The CFM then becomes an important and inviting venue to the community.

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