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Gone Phishing – Concert invites Certified Farmers’ Market
into the Venue – better be the early bird.

Hello Lovers of good local, organic option, fresh produce!

This could be a first in the concert world, though I am not sure. I do know of the amazing strength and support of the Farm Aid Live tour supporting American farms…however, PHISH, the rock mixing/genre meandering, well-followed band has asked the Certified Farmers Markets of the Coachella Valley, California, which are programs of the non-profit Palm Springs Cultural Center to have a real farmers’ market open from 7 am to noon, inside the community village of their amazing venue.

Throughout their touring history--and at previous PHISH festivals--the band has supported local independent, organic farmers – they have now taken the next step and incorporated the farmers into the PHISH seascape. (Once again, if this has been done before, great- yet it’s a first here in the desert!)

Talk about a band/group of folks who truly want to support local and sustainable farms, organic and transitional farms, and the whole concept of small and medium sized farms assisting community – WOW, what a welcome mat the three day event is.

The community of PHISH campers will wake up Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning this Halloween/Samhain weekend to farm fresh produce, pumpkins, fresh cut flowers, artisan local breads, artisan California gouda, goat and organic cheeses, local California olives and olive oil, organic coffee roasted in California, organic wheat grass juice (while it lasts) and the live, fresh, simple and personable neighborhood within a community that true farmers markets bring to the table!

Since the promoters and the venue are allowing small cook stove use for campers, the certified farmers market offers non-traditional concert food/faire for actual cooking, from California grown shitake and oyster mushrooms, farm fresh eggs, herbs, potatoes, squash, carrots, celery and a lot more.

Understandably, the PHISH folk who wake up a little late may miss the certified farmers market, for there is no large warehouse or storage facility waiting to bring in more produce, and no humongous trucks to move produce from far to near, and no frozen or genetically modified preserved produce to stock the shelves, just good ol’ farm produce that was probably on the tree or in the ground just the day before.

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