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In the heat of the day - Lettuce be wise

Hello Everyone,
It is that famous time of year here in our beloved valley when the temperatures can creep up past 100 degrees just when we get used to maybe, well, 90 degrees. Speaking as a 3rd year veteran of Coachella Valley summers, I was quickly corrected by one of our farmers from Thermal who has lived here most of his life who said, " well, you really don't get used to it, you just accept it, learn to flow with it, and get indoors as much as possible."

So, let's all keep flowing! When the heat of the day will be over 100 degrees, PLEASE SHOP EARLY ( 7 or 7:30 am is OK) . Not all vendors may be ready, yet the heat moves faster than the first arrival of peaches. ALSO, the markets can close early on those hot days for safety reasons. So, make your list and shop before 10 am.

REMEMBER : The markets will be in full swing until:
Old Town La Quinta will have its last market for the season on Sunday May 24 (Memorial Day Weekend)
Palm Desert will have its last market for the season on Wednesday June 10th.
Palm Springs will have its last market for the season on Saturday June 13th.

See you at the markets - please come up and say hi, and share your favorite recipe or story.

The CFMs will reopen for our third season on Saturday September 26th at the Palm Springs Market.
Old Town La Quinta will reopen on Sunday September 27th.
Palm Desert will reopen on Wednesday September 30th

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