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Certified Farmers’ Markets Fresh Pick of the Week:  Marigolds! 

Marigolds are this week’s Fresh Pick of the Week from the Certified Farmers’ Markets, honoring the traditions of Dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead). Marigolds are deeply rooted in the Day of the Dead tradition, and are often sprinkled on Day of the Dead altars and also on graves on October 31st, as well as November 1st and 2nd.

Marigolds are also used in floral arrangements celebrating Dia de los Muertos, and sometimes families even spread their petals from their homes to the graves of loved ones, so that their scent will draw the spirits of loved ones home for the annual Dia de los Muertos reunion. Arriaga Farms grows large numbers of Marigolds each year as Dia de los Muertos approaches.

DID YOU KNOW: Marigolds are native to North and South America, but have become naturalized around the world. The scented varieties are loved by gardeners because they drive off many unwanted insects.

Price: $ 5 a bunch.

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