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There’s just no better way to start the the day than with a glass of Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice. This week’s Fresh Pick, Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice, is available at all market locations, and is squeezed on the spot from locally grown oranges. Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice contains all the nutrition of the oranges from which it’s made (unlike the grocery store options), and retains more of the fresh orange flavor as well. There are no additives, and no added sugars. Just the pure unfiltered goodness squeezed from locally grown oranges while you watch!

DID YOU KNOW: Sweet Oranges are almost never grown from seeds. Rather, they are grafted, with the top part, the sweet orange stem grafted to a rootstock from a different orange variety, typically that of a hardy sour orange.

Price: $ 2.50 and up

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