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Certified Farmers Market Fresh Pick of the week: First of the Season Peaches

Locally-grown California Peaches are this week’s Fresh Pick of the Week. Organic and/or pesticide-free early season peaches are available at all three Certified Farmers’ Market locations, and from several local farmers. Varieties vary with the farms, but most of the early peaches are Super Rich, Queencrest or Sugar Time - all yellow peaches that develop early enough to be available for harvest in May.

Yellow peaches are generally the first to market, and, when ripe, are a deep yellow color with pink or reddish overtones. The flesh inside is typically deep yellow as well, and either clings to the seed (clingstone), or falls away easily (freestone). Peaches are ready to eat when they yield to gentle palm pressure. Some people prefer peaches when they are slightly firm, and a little tart, but generally the flesh of ripe peaches should give to the touch, and have an equal balance of sweet and tart flavors.

Did you know: California farmers grow more than 600 varieties of peaches, plums and nectarines, and each has its own specific harvest time. The Harvest Season begins in early May and runs all the way through November when the last of the late varieties are harvested.

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