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The use of maps has always been a feature of importance for the ag sector. In the past, watching from above was vital for the feudal lords to have an overview of their lands and for this reason they built their homes atop the hills. This was probably also significant before that.

In the last few years, GPS software expanded the opportunities to plan and manage production systems by using satellite images and geo-positioning tools for farm-machinery.

Currently, Google Maps is the most important service providing geo-positioning for web applications, from a hybrib platform called “mashup”. Farmsphere.com has integrated this, adding specific tool for agribusiness, to do business easier and more efficient.

Among the advantages of geo-positioning, we can mention the bridging of geographical distances and the quality of satellite images for analysis and estimates.

Main benefits:

- Look for new suppliers and partners in the same chain of business

- Use advanced search, filtering results by business category and sub-category

- Find business opportunities relevant to your location

- Show interest features about you to your leads or clients

Cases of use:

Case 1 | Professional looking for a Master in Agribusiness in Australia or New Zealand. Search for results on academic offerings in the areas requested, including additional information on the characteristics of the various regional businesses and businessmen in the area of influence of the Universities.

Case 2 | Entrepreneur interested in learning about the Andean potato business, with the idea of investing to set up a company in Northern Argentina. He/she can find the best places to establish their cultivation, according to soil features, weather conditions, suppliers chain and all key topics related.

We believe that such innovations are the starting point of a new way of seeing and doing Agribusiness. And we’ll continue working to reach new challenges.

Enjoy it and let it fly!

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