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Farmers Markets - A New idea ? NOT SO FAST !!!!

Good Monday to everyone,

The Certified Farmers' Markets last week, which are on Wednesday in Palm Desert, Saturday in Palm Springs, and Sunday in Old Town La Quinta were well attended, fun, had great music and guest chefs. People were talking to their friends, enjoying a cup of organic coffee, and buying fresh produce, bread, oils, cheese, plants and flowers.

It seemed as natural as waking up or breathing. The Certified Farmers Markets have a truly inherent/organic feeling to them. I often wonder why they feel so pleasant and enjoyable. My first thought is that here we are in one of the most beautiful and relaxing places in the world, the Coachella Valley, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta - vacation spots, world class everything, - this must be the reason.

Well, maybe that is a small part of the 'good feeling' at the CFMs and maybe it is because the farmers market is part of our collective DNA !

As a world society, we have been farming and gathering together for thousands of years. Farm food, is as ingrained in our collective consciousness as the importance of the elements, earth, wind, fire, water.

Please see the link/article posted within this blog. Beaumont Enterprise

Thoughts ? Peace.

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Comment by Monique Curtis on March 30, 2009 at 8:24pm
As far back as a child in my grandmother's garden where bartering went on between neighbors trading eggs, chickens & potatoes I have always enjoyed fresh produce and farm fresh products. No wonder I am still so excited that we have all this available today in this modern world.
Paul & Giacomina, thank you for bringing us the Farmers Market


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