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Certified Farmers Market Fresh Pick: Farm Fresh Eggs!

At the Certified Farmers’ Market, the eggs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, and they’re all Farm Fresh, Hormone-free, and naturally delicious – whether they come from chickens, ducks or even quail! Eggs that come from poultry that is allowed to range free are nutritious, better tasting, and better for you. Free range eggs contain about half as much cholesterol as factory-raised eggs. They are also twice as rich in Vitamin E, up to six times richer in beta carotene and four times higher in essential omega-3 fatty acids!

Did you know: Recent evidence suggests that chickens were domesticated in Vietnam over 10,000 years ago. Their eggs, which vary in color depending on the breed, and the hen, typically range from bright white to shades of brown, pink, blue, and green. There have even been recent reports of purple eggs being discovered in Southeast Asia!

Price: $3.50 per dozen and up. Eggs are available (in a variety of colors) from Rivadeneira Farms, Sage Mountain Organics, and Jaime Farms.

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