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Certified Farmers Market Fresh Pick of the Week for November 22, 2009

Certified Farmers Market Fresh Pick of the week: Farm Grown Plant Starts!

If you’re ready to start your Winter Garden (something we are lucky enough to be able to do here in Southern California), drop by the Certified Farmers’ Markets this week and pick up some local farm-grown plant starts! Choose from a variety of vegetable starts, including tomatoes, herbs, peppers and more! There are also plenty of succulent and/or cacti plant starts for those prefer to stick with desert gardens, and/or gardens of the non-food variety. And no matter which plant starts you choose, you’re sure to be pleased. Plants that have been started locally have a head start over plants that have been grown elsewhere and shipped in, because they are already acclimatized. That means they grow faster, suffer less shock from transplanting, and tend to be heartier overall.

Did you know:
People lucky enough to live in Southern California not only get to enjoy sunny skies throughout the year. They also get to grow a variety of food crops. California’s central valley and southern tip offer rich soil and a temperate climate that can support literally thousands of types of food crops.

$1 each and up, depending on the variety.

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