Certified Farmers' Market

Farmers & Vendors

Townie Bagels, The only Real Water Boiled Bagels in Palm Springs!!!


L'Artisan Valley Baking, Gourmet Artisan Bread, PS,PD,LQ

Malibu Olive Oil, Gourmet organic Olive Oil, LQ,PS - NEW

SpringHill Cheese, Organic and unique cheeses, PD - NEW

Around the World Herbs, herbs, seedlings, plant starts, PS, PD, LQ


Arriaga Farms, fresh cut flowers, PS,PD,

Bautista Dates, organic dates, PS,PD,LQ

Belavado Avocado Oil, Organic Avocado Oil and farm soap, PD - NEW

Evergreen Nursery, orchids and plants, PD,PS

Ha's Apples, organic apples, dried fruit and juice, PD,PS

Jaime Farms, organic produce, eggs, PS,PD,LQ

Sage Mountain Farms, organic produce, eggs, PS,PD,LQ

Wong Farms, Hydroponic tomatoes, cukes, PS,PD,LQ

Herbivore, Plant starts, PD - NEW

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